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Monday, 16th May 2022

Supercharging GitHub Actions with Job Summaries (via) GitHub Actions workflows can now generate a rendered Markdown summary of, well, anything that you can think to generate as part of the workflow execution. I particularly like the way this is designed: they provide a filename in a $GITHUB_STEP_SUMMARY environment variable which you can then append data to from each of your steps. # 11:02 pm

Weeknotes: Camping, a road trip and two new museums

Natalie and I took a week-long road trip and camping holiday. The plan was to camp on Santa Rosa Island in the California Channel Islands, but the boat to the island was cancelled due to bad weather. We treated ourselves to a Central Californian road trip instead.

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Heroku: Core Impact (via) Ex-Heroku engineer Brandur Leach pulls together some of the background information circulating concerning the now more than a month long Heroku security incident and provides some ex-insider commentary on what went right and what went wrong with a platform that left a huge, if somewhat underappreciated impact on the technology industry at large. # 4:24 am

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