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Thursday, 24th March 2022

geoBoundaries. This looks useful: “The world’s largest open, free and research-ready database of political administrative boundaries.” Founded by the geoLab at William & Mary university, and released under a Creative Commons Attribution license that includes a requirement for a citation. File formats offered include shapefiles, GeoJSON and TopoJSON. # 2:03 pm

DAOs are, I think, one of the best illustrations of the problem with a lot of these Web3 projects: They are trying to find technological solutions that will somehow codify very complex social structures. A lot of them also seem to operate under the assumption that everyone is acting in good faith, and that project members’ interests will generally align—a baffling assumption given the amount of bad actors in the crypto space.

Molly White # 11:07 am

Datasette 0.61: The annotated release notes

I released Datasette 0.61 this morning—closely followed by 0.61.1 to fix a minor bug. Here are the annotated release notes.

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