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Thursday, 10th February 2022

lon lat lon lat lon. Tom MacWright’s definitive guide to the (latitude, longitude) v.s. (longitude, latitude) debate. The answer is frustrating: both orders are used by significant software, so there’s no single answer that will satisfy everyone. I’ve recently been mostly convinced over to the longitude, latitude side mainly because that’s a better fit for the non-geospatial x, y pattern.

# 4:32 pm / geospatial, tom-macwright

GitHub Burndown (via) Neat Observable notebook by Tom MacWright—give it a GitHub access token and the name of a repo and it pulls the details of every issue and plots a burndown chart over time, showing how long issues stay open for. The code is worth spending some time with—the way it fetches data from the paginated JSON API is a really great example of using generators with Observable, and the chart itself is a lovely clear example of Observable Plot.

# 4:29 pm / github, observable, tom-macwright

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