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Weeknotes: Mainly Datasette 0.50

10th October 2020

Most of what I’ve been up to this week is covered in Datasette 0.50: The annotated release notes and Git scraping: track changes over time by scraping to a Git repository.

I just pushed out Datasette 0.50.1 to fix a nasty broken link bug in 0.50.

I recorded a 12 minute video talk for JupyterCon: Using Datasette with Jupyter to publish your data. That will be streamed on Monday and I’ll be answering questions and hanging out during the online conference.

I started Git scraping CA fires data to simonw/ca-fires-history and NHS risk venue alerts to simonw/nhs-risky-venues.

I had a pull request accepted to httpx adding raw_path support to the ASGI request emulation layer. I’ll be using that in Datasette as soon as the next httpx version is released.

TIL this week

Releases this week

This is Weeknotes: Mainly Datasette 0.50 by Simon Willison, posted on 10th October 2020.

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