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Wednesday, 27th May 2009

Dice-O-Matic hopper and elevator. An outstanding piece of applied geekery, now generating dice rolls for “It is a 7 foot tall, 104 pound, dice-eating monster, capable of generating 1.3 million rolls a day.” # 7:32 pm

You ask, they answer: Neal’s Yard Remedies. After reading the comments, something tells me Neal’s Yard Remedies may be regretting their decision to answer questions from Guardian readers. # 10:35 am

geocoders. A fifteen minute project extracted from something else I’m working on—an ultra simple Python API for geocoding a single string against Google, Yahoo! Placemaker, GeoNames and (thanks to Jacob) Yahoo! Geo’s web services. # 10:02 am

Testing Django Views for Concurrency Issues. Neat decorator for executing a Django view under high concurrency in your unit tests, to help spot errors caused by database race conditions that should be executed inside a transaction. # 10:01 am

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