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Thursday, 22nd January 2009

There's no such thing as a good day to bury bad news any more, the Internet has seen to that.

Tom Steinberg

# 10:20 am / internet, mysociety, news, tom-steinberg

jQuery 1.3.1 Released. Bug fix for 1.3, mainly browser compatibility issues. Of interest: jQuery no longer ship a packed version (where JS is used to further decompress a string), as their tests show that this reduces performance due to the overhead of the extra decompression. They still provide a YUI Compressor minified version.

# 10:41 am / javascript, jquery, minification, performance

Learning to Think Like A Programmer. Outstanding advice aimed mainly at journalists, but important to anyone who collects information for a living and might want it to be automatically processed at some point in the future.

# 6:06 pm / data-journalism, journalism, programming, tom-armitage

New PylonsHQ Site Launches. The new site uses CouchDB instead of a relational database, and the code for the site is open source so you can see how it all works.

# 6:33 pm / ben-bangert, couchdb, nonrelational, pylons, python

AJAX APIs Playground. Ferociously useful collection of executable and editable example code for all(?) of Google’s JavaScript APIs, including Google Maps and the increasingly interesting Visualization API.

# 6:38 pm / ajax, google, google-maps, googlevisualization, javascript