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Monday, 13th November 2006

Ryan Tomayko: Shackled But Free. Did you know James Gosling caused the creation of the GPL? # 6:29 pm

JavaScript, We Hardly new Ya. When to use the new keyword, by Douglas Crockford. # 5:35 pm

Spiritual Research into Addictions. This gets increasingly crazy as you scroll down the page. # 11:54 am

Sun open sources Java SE, ME, and Glassfish under GPLv2 (via) Pretty detailed analysis, including why they chose GPLv2. # 11:46 am

Avi Bryant: smalltalk.rb. Bootstrapping Ruby on a Smalltalk VM in 65 lines of code (using JRuby). # 11:16 am

Java Is Free. GPL2 no less. Getting Jython up to speed is now even more important. # 7:35 am