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Wednesday, 1st November 2006

The Django Book. Two chapters online so far; more to follow. # 2:05 pm

A9 Maps are no longer available. That’s a shame; they were reall cool (had photos of the streets). # 1:43 pm

Real-Time 3D in Javascript. Really cunning trick based around CSS polygons. # 12:21 pm

Rafe Colburn: The secret of YouTube. YouTube acts like a Wikipedia for important video snippets. # 12:19 pm

Mark Pilgrim’s definition of User-generated content. “You make all the content, and we keep all the money”. Ouch! # 12:17 pm

Jon Udell’s The Screening Room: Dabble DB. Not quite as impactful as a “live” demo, but still really impressive. # 12:16 pm

WSGI Wiki: url_vars specification. Another neat piece of the WSGI puzzle, has the potential to play nicely with Django. # 12:15 pm

Event Delegation versus Event Handling. Nice summary of this important DOM technique. # 11:47 am

Change in funding from UK local governments to the Ordinance Survey. “I don’t know what to make of this, but it seems important.” # 11:46 am

Django on IronPython (via) The text is in Japanese, but the screenshot is universal. # 11:45 am

Neil Fraser: Googled. I’m obviously not the only person who thought MobWrite was total genius. # 11:42 am