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Tuesday, 5th July 2005

VLC 0.8.2 (via) Now with support for Dirac and Apple Lossless Audio. # 3:38 pm

Naked Law (via) A blog about technology law, written by actual lawyers. # 3:33 pm

PHPXMLRPC Library Remote Code Execution (via) IXR is not affected by this vulnerability. # 3:21 pm

Safari RSS databases in Mac OS X Tiger. You can query them using sqlite3—and there are (unintended?) easter eggs. # 12:35 pm

2005 Underhanded C Contest. Write code that looks innocent but does something evil. # 12:15 pm

Those darn wikis. Why the LA Times wikitorial failed. # 12:14 pm

View formatted source extension for Firefox (via) I haven’t tried this yet, but apparently it’s a big improvement. # 12:14 pm

Handling International Text with Unicode in Python. A nice straight forward recipe from the Python Cookbook. # 12:05 pm

Prototype Effect.Flash. Richard’s been hacking around with Prototype. # 12:04 pm

Salted Hash Login Generator for Rails. I’ve used the precursor to this, Login Generator, to good effect. # 12:02 pm—web 2.0 javascript. A pretty impressive collection of modern JavaScript tricks. # 12:01 pm

The state of accessibility in the real world. Screen readers are tricker beasts than you may have imagined. # 11:58 am

AJAXSLT on A pure JavaScript XPath and XSLT implementation. With a really silly name. # 11:57 am

Obsoletely Famous. Replacing old tutorials with new ones. # 11:55 am

More Unicode Secrets. Uche expands on some more unicode tricks with Python. # 11:54 am

Object.prototype is verboten. This is a problem with the popular Prototype library. # 11:53 am

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