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Thursday, 23rd December 2004

Eye on the Fleet. The latest photos released by the U.S. navy. # 3:39 am

Image:Polar bears near north pole. Photos taken by U.S. naval personnel are in the public domain. # 3:37 am

Wikipedia new images gallery. Brand new feature, from the 1.4 upgrade. # 3:15 am

MediaWiki 1.4 upgrade (via) Cool new image features, including galleries and the Special:Newimages page. # 3:02 am

Python Grimoire. How to perform common tasks in Python. # 2:05 am

xmlhttprequest.cpp. The source code for Safari’s XMLHttpRequest implementation; for the curious. # 2:04 am

Linux Clustering with Ruby Queue: Small Is Beautiful. Scripting distributed computing tasks with Ruby. # 2:01 am

Modifying Stickies. Using Interface Builder to “mod” existing applications! # 1:56 am

Web Application Component Toolkit—Template View. A summary of various approaches to HTML templating. # 1:55 am

iTunes Producer Patent. Screenshots of Apple’s iTunes Producer internal application, snarfed from a patent filing. # 1:51 am

Some notes on Wikipedia

I’ve been driving myself crazy with coursework over the past couple of weeks, and since it’s always good to have something to take your mind off things I’ve also been spending a fair amount of time lurking around the beautiful Wikipedia. Here are a few things about Wikipedia you may have missed:

[... 509 words]

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