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Wednesday, 1st December 2004

Writing serious Perl: The absolute minimum you need to know. Pleasantly concise introduction to Perl packages and classes. # 1:21 pm

The virtues of XML-RPC (via) Brent Simmons advocates. # 1:07 pm

First Look at Firefox-Based Netscape. Interestingly enough, there’s a “display like IE” option. # 12:45 pm

Could it be any uglier? The new AOL/Netscape browser (based on Firefox) looks, well, horrible. # 11:49 am

HTACCESS Wrappers with PHP (via) Perform magic. # 9:48 am

Optimizing JavaScript for Execution Speed (via) Performance tips from Andy King # 9:47 am

Building a Metadata-Based Website. Meta-food for thought. # 9:46 am

Python 2.4. Woohoo! It’s been released. # 12:57 am

Ten Most Wanted Design Bugs. My favourite is unexplained greyed-out menu items. # 12:29 am

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