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Tuesday, 7th October 2003

Unstructured linkage

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There goes the neighbourhood

Blogs just stopped being cool.

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PHP’s date() function in Python

In switching from PHP to Python I’m discovering an increasing number of PHP functions that I’ve learnt to rely on but have no direct equivalent in the Python standard library. Often Python simply provides a different way of approaching the problem, but old habits die hard and I’ve been replicating some of PHP’s functionality in Python for my own personal use.

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How I obtained my US Visa

I received my J-1 Visa for 11 months in the US this morning, accompanied by my certificate of eligibility for J-1 status. I promptly cut the certificate in half with a pair of scissors while opening the envelope, but a call to the Embassy has confirmed that it’s still valid and will still get me in to the country.

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Opening times for online forums?

Here’s something I’ve never seen before. The BBC’s Neighbours messageboard currently has a note up saying “This messageboard is currently closed”, with a link to the opening times: 9am until 10pm weekdays, opening 10am at weekends. You can still read the forums but you can’t post anything. This is obviously a moderation tactic to ensure there is always an administrator available to delete offensive material should any be posted—I’m writing about it here because I’ve never seen this approach used before.

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