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Saturday, 18th October 2003

Lawrence web meetup

My colleague Adrian is putting together a meetup for web designers and developers in the Lawrence, Kansas area on Monday evening. The venue is yet to be decided but we’re looking to book somewhere for dinner with an atmosphere that’s conducive to lively conversation. Likely attendants so far include Adrian Holovaty, Travis Beckham, Anitra Pavka, Dan Cox (designer for, and and myself. If you’re a web developer/designer in the area and this sounds like your kind of thing drop Adrian a line for more information. It should be a lot of fun.

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The Python Web SIG

Python now has a Web SIG. SIGs are Special Interest Groups, each with a target to develop and improve a certain aspect of the Python language, standard library or community. The Web SIG has two purposes: create a plan for improving Python’s web client abilities (including things like the ability to parse CSS) and work on improving Python’s server side capabilities.

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CSS border art and other treats

Chris Hester’s 3D Border Demo 2 (via Web Graphics) is an impressive demo of just how much you can achieve with CSS borders. His Tips & Demos collection is worth browsing through as well; I particularly liked this Shadow Demo, although markup purists may be distressed by the number of nested divs. The sooner we can use the CSS3 ::outside pseudo element to achieve effects like this without the surplus divs the better.

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Kansas Blog

I’ve set up a new blog, A Year in Kansas, to chronicle my adventures during my 11 months in the States. I’m going to keep my two blogs pretty much separate; my Kansas blog is going to be squarely targetted at friends and family who want to know how I’m getting on, while this blog will remain focused on my geekier interests.

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