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18th October 2003

I’ve set up a new blog, A Year in Kansas, to chronicle my adventures during my 11 months in the States. I’m going to keep my two blogs pretty much separate; my Kansas blog is going to be squarely targetted at friends and family who want to know how I’m getting on, while this blog will remain focused on my geekier interests.

I’ve only written one entry for it, but it’s already clear that writing a personal blog and writing a technical blog involve very different styles. It’ll probably take me a while to get settled in over there.

Incidentally, the new blog is running a bare bones implementation of my re-engineered blogging system, which is developed along the lines of “the simplest thing that could possible work”. I’ll be adding new features such as comments as and when time permits. That’s if I don’t decide to start from scratch in Python of course ;)

This is Kansas Blog by Simon Willison, posted on 18th October 2003.

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