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Wednesday, 29th October 2003

Defeating browser incompatibilities

Peter-Paul Koch has unveiled his new site,, which features over 150 pages of cross browser CSS and javascript tips and tricks. Five months in the making, there’s just too much good stuff to link to individual pieces here so my best recommendation is to head on over there and spend some time browsing around. I’ll make an exception though in linking to the Table of Contents script, which uses the DOM to create an additional navigation bar linking to each of the level 2 and 3 headers on a page. Another great example of the power of structural markup.

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Getting my stripes

Well colour me yellow and black, I’ve just become the latest member of the web standards project! I’ve been an avid supporter of the web standards movement for over a year now—in fact, my first ever entry linked to their launch of Phase II. It’s a great honour to be a part of something I’ve supported for so long and I hope to become heavily involved in the Learn campaign, which aims to provide resources to developers who want to learn to use web standards effectively. I’m joining a truly talented team and I look forward to helping encourage web professionals to adopt standards and make the web a more interoperable place.

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PCs for non-geeks

A couple of interesting links about the security problems faced by the vast majority of the home PC using public, who don’t know how to install security updates (or even what they are) and don’t have a corporate IT department to bail them out when they run in to problems. Joe Average User Is In Trouble is a column by a security expert bemoaning the scale of the problem. Do we all need a personal system administrator? is a call for advice from Steve Garrity for tips on minimising the support calls he gets from his parents, and includes an excellent response from Matt Haughey in the comments.

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