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Monday, 11th August 2003

Python script shell integration

In another silly Python/Windows hack, Hans Nowak shows how a simple Python script to move a file up to its parent directory can be added to the contextual menu for all Windows files. I can think of all kinds of useful tricks that can be enabled using this tool: instant uploading of a file to an online Photo Gallery for example.

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Improved FormProcessor class

I get one or two emails a week about my FormProcessor class, making it the most popular of all of the code experiments I’ve posted on this site. Each time I’m asked if I plan to update it soon, and each time I reply that while I’d love to go back to it, I can’t promise I’ll ever get the time to take it further. The great news is that Peter Bowyer of Maple Design has been working with my code and has made a number of huge improvements to it. If you liked my version, you’ll love his evolution of it: it adds support for radio buttons, checkboxes and select fields and he’s got a number of other interesting ideas up his sleeve for the future.

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Moveably Type with XSLT

Kevin Davis has set up an impressive demonstration of the power of Moveable Type templates when combined with browser-side XSLT transformations. He’s set up MT to output an XML document containing just his entries (similar to an RSS feed), along with a link to an XSLT stylesheet that causes Mozilla and IE 6 to transform the entry and render it as XHTML.

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Don’t use document.all

I’ve lost count of the number of Javascript scripts I’ve seen floating around that include the equivalent of the following code snippet:

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Self-contained data: URI kitchen

I couldn’t resist this. Hixie has released a new version of his data: URI kitchen, to celebrate the addition of data: URI support to the latest Opera beta. In the spirit of recursion, I present this reformulation of the data: URI kitchen that uses client side Javascript. What better way to deliver such a thing than as a data URI?

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