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Saturday, 7th December 2002

PHP for the enterprise

PHP5: Ready For The Enterprise? (via Scott) discusses forthcoming improvements in PHP5 and asks if they will lead to acceptance of PHP as a suitable language for enterprise applications. It looks like a killer factor could well be PHP’s improved Java and .NET integration abilities. Write the back-end in Java/.NET and use PHP for the front end—that way you get a powerful web-specific scripting language for the front end of your site. Then if you ever need to change technologies on the back end your front end code can be reused.

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W3C redesign

The W3C have redesigned to use CSS instead of tables (new layout explained here). About time too! It’s a shame the site still looks so, well, ugly. I know it’s a technical site and it doesn’t have to look pretty but it would be a lot easier to convince designers to try out CSS and web standards if they didn’t get instantly put off the W3C by the ugliness of the front page.

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DHTML article deconstructed

Create Pop-Up Notes with DHTML is a disappointing new article on SitePoint which describes a technique for having a yellow Post-It style note appear when a link is clicked. The example given is for a link that shows the un-abbreviated form of NASA—a task better accomplished using the acronym tag. In addition, I spotted the following problems with the article:

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The best 404 page ever

The best 404 page I have ever seen. Text reproduced here in case they ever change it:

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Prolog links

For my future reference, here are some useful Prolog sites I found over the past few days while working on my (now complete) Prolog coursework:

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