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Wednesday, 11th December 2002

Interview with Tim Perdue

OSDir: Interview with Tim Perdue. GForge and behind the scenes at SourceForge.

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Lots to learn

There’s a heck of a lot to learn.

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Trade it on Trodo

Adrian Holovaty has revealed his previously hinted at secret project. is kind of an online bartering site. You give away stuff you no longer have a use for to earn credits, which you can then spend on requesting free items from other people. It’s a very interesting idea, and the trading model is explained in depth in Adrian’s comments section.

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Google roundup

I’ve missed out on a whole bunch of Google news lately (all of which has come via the Google Weblog). Google labs have a couple of interesting new demos; Google Viewer, a weird slideshow thing that cycles through search results for you using bizzare DHTML and Google Webquotes, which annotates the results of your Google search with comments from other websites. Google have also published their End-of-Year Zeitgeist which offers a unique overview of the year’s events based on Google search statistics.

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A new source of rants

Soup is Good is a new blog by a friend of Jeremy Zawodny. It looks like one to watch—two quality rants and counting.

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Lambda calculus links

An Introduction to Lambda Calculus and Scheme and Wikipedia’s Lambda Calculus page have both proved useful recently.

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Coursework frenzy again

Coursework frenzy is kicking in again. This time I have a large group project and two personal projects (one small, one large) due for Tuesday of next week. I’m clearing out my things-to-blog list and then I intend to knuckle down to some work.

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