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7th December 2002

For my future reference, here are some useful Prolog sites I found over the past few days while working on my (now complete) Prolog coursework:

  • SWI-Prolog—an open source Prolog implementation, a version of which we used for the coursework. It is a surprisingly capable language—I was under the false impression that Prolog was just a tool for playing around with logic, but it turns out you can use it for complex software—it even has a cross platform GUI toolkit.
  • Adventure in Prolog—a Prolog tutorial, culminating in the development of a full text-based adventure game.
  • Prolog Programming A First Course—a University tutorial providing some excellent theoretical background information (including predicate calculus) as well as good coverage of the language.
  • RDF Applications with Prolog—an article explaining how SWI-Prolog’s RDF module can be used to work with RDF.

This is Prolog links by Simon Willison, posted on 7th December 2002.

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