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Evidence of OpenID at Amazon. It looks like Amazon are using OpenID for SSO between their different properties—I clicked a link to sign in to AWS and the URL had OpenID query string parameters.

# 6th July 2009, 1:25 am / amazon, aws, openid, sso

Facebook Usernames and OpenID

Today’s launch of Facebook Usernames provides an obvious and exciting opportunity for Facebook to become an OpenID provider. Facebook have clearly demonstrated their interest in becoming the key online identity for their users, and the new usernames feature is their acknowledgement that URL-based identities are an important component of that, no doubt driven in part by Twitter making usernames trendy again.

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Crowdvine, iCalico, Pathable, a Study in Collusion. Stitching sites together around a single user database using subdomains and simple signed cookies.

# 12th July 2007, 11:09 pm / collusion, crowdvine, foocamp, icalico, kellan-elliott-mccrea, pathable, signedcookies, sso