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More than an OpenAI Wrapper: Perplexity Pivots to Open Source. I’m increasingly impressed with—I’m using it on a daily basis now. It’s by far the best implementation I’ve seen of LLM-assisted search—beating Microsoft Bing and Google Bard at their own game.

A year ago it was implemented as a GPT 3.5 powered wrapper around Microsoft Bing. To my surprise they’ve now evolved way beyond that: Perplexity has their own search index now and is running their own crawlers, and they’re using variants of Mistral 7B and Llama 70B as their models rather than continuing to depend on OpenAI. # 13th January 2024, 6:12 am


I think prompt engineering can be divided into “context engineering”, selecting and preparing relevant context for a task, and “prompt programming”, writing clear instructions. For an LLM search application like Perplexity, both matter a lot, but only the final, presentation-oriented stage of the latter is vulnerable to being echoed.

Riley Goodside # 23rd January 2023, 11:15 pm

Generate a comprehensive and informative answer (but no more than 80 words) for a given question solely based on the provided web Search Results (URL and Summary). You must only use information from the provided search results. Use an unbiased and journalistic tone. Use this current date and time: Wednesday, December 07, 2022 22:50:56 UTC. Combine search results together into a coherent answer. Do not repeat text. Cite search results using [${number}] notation. Only cite the most relevant results that answer the question accurately. If different results refer to different entities with the same name, write separate answers for each entity.

Perplexity AI, via a prompt injection leak attack # 22nd January 2023, 7:47 pm