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lemongraph. An open-source “log-based transactional graph engine”. Written by the NSA. In Python. It runs on top of LMDB, which is the fast memory-mapped transactional key-value store that was developed by the OpenLDAP project as a replacement for BerkeleyDB.

# 22nd June 2018, 9:15 pm / graph, nsa, open-source


Intercepting Predator Video. Bruce Schneier’s take on the unencrypted Predator UAV story. A fascinating discussion of key management and the non-technical side of cryptography.

# 24th December 2009, 9:26 pm / bruce-schneier, cryptography, drones, military, nsa, security


I don't understand why the NSA was so insistent about including Dual_EC_DRBG in the standard. It makes no sense as a trap door: It's public, and rather obvious. It makes no sense from an engineering perspective: It's too slow for anyone to willingly use it. And it makes no sense from a backwards-compatibility perspective: Swapping one random-number generator for another is easy.

Bruce Schneier

# 16th November 2007, 10:25 am / bruce-schneier, cryptography, dualecdrbg, nsa, randomnumbers, security