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Weeknotes: Learning Kubernetes, learning Web Components

I’ve been mainly climbing the learning curve for Kubernetes and Web Components this week. I also released Datasette 0.59.1 with Python 3.10 compatibility and an updated Docker image.

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Smooth sailing with Kubernetes (via) Scott McCloud (of Understanding Comics) authored this comic introduction to Kubernetes, and it’s a really good explanation of the core concepts. I’d love to have something like this for Datasette—I still feel like I’m a long way from being able to explain the project with anything like this amount of clarity. # 1st July 2021, 11:30 pm


Experiences with running PostgreSQL on Kubernetes (via) Fascinating interview that makes a solid argument for the idea that running stateful data stores like PostgreSQL or Cassandra is made harder, not easier when you add an orchestration tool like Kubernetes into the mix. # 13th August 2018, 2:30 pm