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Igalia: the Open Source Powerhouse You’ve Never Heard of (via) An in-depth article about Igalia from July 2022. I had no idea how much stuff they had worked on: arrow functions, generators, async/await, MathML, CSS Grid and a whole bunch more. # 16th January 2023, 8:28 pm

Servo to Advance in 2023 (via) This is excellent news: Serve, the browser-in-Rust project started by Mozilla in 2012 that produced the Rust programming language, is getting re-activated with four new full-time developers provided by Igalia.

Igalia are a fascinating organization—I hadn’t realized quite how influential they’ve been until I read their Wikipedia page just now

They’ve been around since 2001, and “in 2019 they were the #2 committers to both the WebKit and Chromium codebases and in the top 10 contributors to Gecko/Servo”—including implementing and maintaining CSS Grid Layout! # 16th January 2023, 5:08 pm