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wddbfs – Mount a sqlite database as a filesystem. Ingenious hack from Adam Obeng. Install this Python tool and run it against a SQLite database:

wddbfs --anonymous --db-path path/to/content.db

Then tell the macOS Finder to connect to Go -> Connect to Server -> (connect as guest) - connecting via WebDAV.

/Volumes/ will now be a folder full of CSV, TSV, JSON and JSONL files - one of each format for every table.

This means you can open data from SQLite directly in any application that supports that format, and you can even run CLI commands such as grep, ripgrep or jq directly against the data!

Adam used WebDAV because "Despite how clunky it is, this seems to be the best way to implement a filesystem given that getting FUSE support is not straightforward". What a neat trick.