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Thursday, 4th October 2012

NoSQL: Whats the simplest on disk key-value storage?

Surprisingly there doesn’t seem to be an obvious answer to this. Here are a few options:

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What are some fun, interesting things to do or see in the Islington area?

There’s an awesome old post office building hidden behind the Almeida theatre. It’s an enormous, faded and broken multi-storey warehouse taking up a full city block. I’m fascinated by it—it’s such a huge, grand looking building and it’s clearly now deserted. I think there might be a project to turn it in to flats, but it’s absolutely worth taking a peek to catch it in its run-down glory:—best place to see it from is Almeida Street (here’s a glimpse of it on streetview, doesn’t really capture how grand it is though: )

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