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Wednesday, 26th December 2012

Where do I find a detailed financial report of Wikimedia Foundation on a business year, specially about outgoings?

Their annual report is published here:

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Which are the best front-end schools in London, UK?

General Assembly in Clerkenwell run several intensive courses relating to front-end web development that look very good.

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Planning on visiting Portland for new years. What should I do/see/experience?

Eat street food! Portland has a well deserved reputation for some of the best street food anywhere. Nong’s Khao Man Gai is a must, but ask locals for recommendations or just follow your instincts and get stuck in.

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What will HTTP be superseded by?

HTTP 1.x will likely never be completely replaced, but there is ongoing work at the moment to define HTTP 2.0. The first draft of this was released in November and is based on Google’s SPDY protocol, which is already widely deployed in Google Chrome and Google’s web properties (other browsers have experimented with support for SPDY as well):

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