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Django (web framework): Why did stop using Drupal?

25th August 2010

My answer to Django (web framework): Why did stop using Drupal? on Quora

They wrote about their reasons in detail in a post to the Django sub-reddit a while ago:

To quote from their post (you should read the whole thing though):

Cleaner. Much cleaner. Proper unit testing. Real reusable components across applications. An ORM rather than a just a series of functional query helpers. Tighter conventions (q: how often do people using Python argue about bracing styles? a: they don’t). We can update then test a Django core change without worrying about having to take apart our applications, and if we do need to make a change, it’s easy to do because there’s less, much more readable code. Every member of the tech team can meaningfully contribute because there are fewer specialized or hacked together pieces. We can move more quickly on large changes because of all these reasons. And we’re more stable because of all the previously expressed points.