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Monday, 23rd August 2010

10K Apart Contest: Cheating by Compressing Your JavaScript and CSS to PNG Images. Fascinating hack: transform your JS and CSS in to coloured pixels, save the result as a PNG to benefit from PNG’s built in compression algorithms, then read the data back out of the PNG and convert it back to text using JavaScript and canvas—all to reduce the on-disk filesize when entering the 10K app competition. Alex’s GithubFinder entry is worth checking out too.

# 9:45 am / compression, github, hacks, javascript, png, recovered, 10kapart, alex-le

PNGStore—Embedding compressed CSS & JavaScript in PNGs. Cal did some further analysis on the CSS/JS to PNG compression trick (including producing some interesting images of jQuery compressed using different image packing techniques) and found it to be slightly less effective than regular GZipping.

# 9:47 am / calhenderson, gzip, png, recovered

Using Freebase Gridworks to Create Linked Data. A very handy tutorial from’s Jeni Tennison.

# 8:11 pm / data, datagovuk, freebase, gridworks, recovered, jenitennison

Readme Driven Development (via) Tom Preston-Werner advocates for writing the readme before any other code. “Until you’ve written about your software, you have no idea what you’ll be coding.”

# 8:20 pm / tom-preston-werner, recovered

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