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Django People

23rd January 2008

I’m constantly surprised by the number of people I run in to at conferences (or even in one case on the train) who are using Django but are completely invisible to the Django community. It seems that this is the downside of having good documentation: many people just read it and start building, without ever showing their face on the mailing lists or IRC.

So, Natalie and I have just launched—a site that encourages Django developers to create a profile and stamp themselves on a map. Every country in the world gets its own page, as does every US state (for the moment; I may add other country’s regional subdivisions in the future). The focus of the site is firmly on location, and I’m hoping to add features in the future that encourage people to get involved with local Django user groups and meet like-minded developers.

So, if you develop sites in Django head over there and create yourself a profile. If possible, upload a photo too—it makes the site look nice! Please leave any feedback or bug reports as comments on this post.