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Monday, 4th June 2007

ITA Software Trip Planner. Super nerdy flight booking search site, operated by the company that provides software to everyone else in the industry. # 10:14 pm

Oxford Geek Night 3 now on the 25th July. The date has been moved back by a week. # 9:49 pm

jsjuicer. Another conditional comment respecting minifier tool, this time in C++. Ships with a command line utility, unlike JavaScript::Minifier. # 5:57 pm

JavaScript Minifier that doesn’t break code (via) Perl re-implementation of Douglas Crockford’s classic JSMin that doesn’t clobber IE’s conditional comments, by Peter Michaux. # 5:44 pm

Google Gears DB Abstractions. Here come the ORMs. # 8:54 am

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