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Speaking gigs

1st May 2006

I’ve been doing a fair amount of public speaking recently, based on the principle that the only way to get good at it is to get a lot of practise. My last two talks were a session on Django and Web Application Frameworks at the ACCU 2006 conference and a talk on the Yahoo! Developer Network for NMK’s Beers and Innovation series.

I’ve got a bunch more coming up. Here’s my calendar for the next few months:

XTech 2006, May 16th-19th in Amsterdam

I’m chairing the Ajax Developers’ Day, during which I’ll also be giving a talk about the Yahoo! UI Library. The line-up for the day is pretty impressive, including representatives from a number of high-profile Ajax projects and a keynote by Alex Russell. I’m also giving a talk on Django later in the conference.

London JavaScript Night, May 25th, London

This is a night of talks that are in someway related to the JavaScript language. I’m giving an overview of the most important JavaScript libraries, how they compare and the general problems that they are trying to solve. The organisers are still looking for speakers, so drop them a line if you have something to share.

@media 2006, June 15th-16th, London

I’m on a panel with Cameron Adams, Peter-Paul Koch, Stuart Langridge and Dan Webb talking about the benefits (and drawbacks) of JavaScript libraries.

I’m also hoping to speak at LUG Radio Live in July and d.Construct 2006 in September, topics undecided.

Finally, I’m heading to a couple of geeky social events this week: Pub Standards on Tuesday and London 2.0 RC 5 (the monthly Django/Python/Rails/Everything-else meetup) on Wednesday. Both events are fun, friendly and open to all.

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