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Monday, 1st May 2006

Brad Neuberg introduces Incredibly technically impressive, embodying months of accumulated expertise. # 11:33 pm

Jeff Maurone blogs about the Times Reader (via) He’s one of the developers. Great to see them blogging; still don’t believe in the product though. # 11:30 pm

Microsoft make a reader for the NY Times? Wuh? Interesting comment from John Dowdell attached. # 11:29 pm

Two steps backward. Another dumb attempt at a proprietary “reader” for online newspapers. # 11:28 pm

Speaking gigs

I’ve been doing a fair amount of public speaking recently, based on the principle that the only way to get good at it is to get a lot of practise. My last two talks were a session on Django and Web Application Frameworks at the ACCU 2006 conference and a talk on the Yahoo! Developer Network for NMK’s Beers and Innovation series.

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Shopping Search APIs on Yahoo! Tech. The new Yahoo! Tech site uses the public shopping APIs. # 10:21 pm

Change Safari’s default search engine—revisited (via) Good Lord, you have to edit the Safari executable! # 1:27 pm

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