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Tuesday, 1st November 2005

About the Mac OS X 10.4.3 Update. Includes an updated Safari that passes the Acid 2 test.

# 12:18 am

World’s 10 Tallest Buildings— (via) This site is the Wikipedia of skyscraper pixel art.

# 8:20 am

Yahoo! Autos Custom. I guess you could call this the Flickr of custom cars.

# 12:37 pm

Ross doesn’t trust Microsoft’s approach to Web. Scoble nails the reasons smart web developers avoid the MS stack.

# 12:47 pm

Taking charge of your own destiny

Scoble has posted 12 reasons that Web 2.0 entrepreneurs are steering clear of the Microsoft platform. It’s an interesting list (the comments are full of treats too) but for me it misses the key reason that open source development tools are so compelling: they put you in charge of your own destiny.

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Oracle 10g XE and PHP. HarryF has a handy tutorial on getting started with the new free Oracle version.

# 10:46 pm

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