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Thursday, 9th June 2005

Magic Microformat Forms Redux, Now with GreaseMonkey! Les Orchard gets in to Greasemonkey—with accompanying screencast. # 11:18 pm

Baby Weasel. Unfeasibly adorable. There is no reason for this post. # 11:03 pm

Workplace absuridities as phone support for a DSL ISP. Greasemonkey used to fix web application leads to misguided Firefox ban. # 11:01 pm

The BBC News website—under the bonnet (via) SSIs, Apache, Linux (and Solaris) and two server farms. # 10:01 pm

Bookmarklets to User Scripts. A user script to turn bookmarklets in to user scripts. # 5:14 pm

This week’s UK television. Includes unofficial XML feeds scraped from various sources. # 5:12 pm

CSV channel listings. Each number is the name of a .dat file containing listings for that channel. # 5:11 pm

BBC 1 listings in CSV. Listings for the next two weeks # 5:10 pm

Google Maps Make Demographics Come Alive (via) Great photo of Adrian lurking behind his laptop. # 12:39 am

Google Maps takedown notice (via) Why can’t all takedown notices be this polite? # 12:38 am

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