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Wednesday, 3rd August 2005

Exciting developments with Django

The amount of activity surrounding the Django web framework since its not-quite release a few weeks ago is amazing. Adrian, Jacob and Wilson have been working over-time, with 395 check-ins to source control since the 13th of July. They’ve added WSGI support, a development web server, unit-tests, a ton of documentation, SQLite support, database introspection and dozens of other feature tweaks and bug fixes. Check out the project Timeline for an idea of just how frenetic things have been.

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Beautiful Code, Spring 2003: Syllabus (via) Ka-Ping Yee’s Python course. Learn from the best. # 4:09 pm

Multiple CSS backgrounds in Safari. The first comment includes a link to a demo. # 3:18 pm

Adrian is leaving the Journal-World. This opens an excellent Python job opportunity in Kansas. # 2:50 pm

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