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Saturday, 15th February 2003

Agent Frank

l.m.orchard has released the code for his oft-discussed personal web proxy in the form of Agent Frank. It looks really neat, but unfortunately as it’s written in Java and I don’t have space on my shiny new Linux install to get Java set up I can’t play with it yet (looks like I’ll have to finally shell out for the new hard drive I’ve been promising myself). Cute logo though :)

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micro_httpd is a very small Unix-based HTTP server—so small in fact that it is implemented in just 150 lines of C. From the perspective of a relative C newbie the code makes fun reading.

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Classes for pages

This weekend I started work on my latest web project, further details of which will no doubt follow soon. For the moment I’ll just say that it follows the classic news/articles/users with logins model—basically another small-to-medium sized PHP content management system.

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