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7th August 2002

I think I’ve kept quiet for long enough, so here are some details of the two projects I have alluded to. The first is a database driven mailing list archive for css-discuss. It has just gone in to private beta, so anyone subscribed to the css-discuss list should have an email with the URL, username and password requried to try it out. It has a pretty usable search engine and does some nice threaded views in messages—more importantly, it now contains all 9,000+ messages sent to css-discuss since it launched back in January 2002 (imported from the static Mailman archives). I’ve spent many hours surfing through the archives already and they are a wealth of useful CSS information.

Project two is again related to css-discuss. I’ve been setting up a Wiki, which is currently being tweaked and poked and made ready for the general public. More on that when it launches.

This is Funky stuff for css-discuss by Simon Willison, posted on 7th August 2002.

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