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How can I print out USA postage stamps online using a credit card with a non-US address?

After much research, the answer appears to be that you can’t. To quote, “The USPS requires you to register your name, telephone number and physical address from which your postage will be printed”. It appears you can only print stamps for mail that is to be sent from your specific registered address, so you can’t use it to prepare stamped-self-addressed-envelopes anyway.

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What are some peculiarities of American culture which are not easily understood by foreigners?

US flags on /everything/ (the biggest ones seem reserved for used car sales lots though). In the UK it’s actually pretty rare to see a UK flag on anything—they come out for big international sporting events, but other than that they are usually ever only seen on government buildings.

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US economic data spreadsheets from the Guardian. At the Guardian we’ve just released a bunch of economic data about the US painstakingly collected by Simon Rogers, our top data journalist, as Google Docs spreadsheets. Get your data here.

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