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There’s also a huge population of “admins,” who as you might guess, administer an organization’s salesforce account & data. These folks often start out as office managers or other clerical types, who are handed this responsibility because nobody else wants to do it. Here’s where it gets interesting. Admin ➡️ WYSIWYG customizer ➡️ occasional coder ➡️ full time dev is a real pipeline into software development that folks often with just high school degrees are actually taking. This isn’t just a narrative pushed by salesforce marketing; I’m meeting these people. They say things like “I love salesforce, it changed my life” with disarming sincerity.

Sarah Mei # 8th November 2017, 11:56 am

2008 Neat idea: write a CGI script that turns a proprietary API (in this case the SalesForce events API) in to standard ical format, then run it on your Mac’s local Apache server and subscribe to it from iCal. # 27th June 2008, 8:09 am