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Leveraging ’shot-scraper’ and creating image diffs. Üllar Seerme has a neat recipe for using shot-scraper and ImageMagick to create differential animations showing how a scraped web page has visually changed.

# 24th October 2022, 9:34 pm / imagemagick, github-actions, shot-scraper


moddims (via) Apache 2 module which exposes ImageMagick as a URL-driven service, allowing you to request an image from a whitelisted host server and resize, thumbnail or alter the quality of it.

# 21st July 2009, 6:18 pm / apache, imagemagick, images, moddims, resizing, thumbnails


Facelift Image Replacement. Like sIFR but with JavaScript and a PHP text rendering component. I question the need for the JavaScript if you’re already generating the images on the server, but the actual generation script is nicely done—it makes smart use of ImageMagick and caches the generated images.

# 5th August 2008, 6:36 pm / caching, facelift, imagemagick, imagereplacement, javascript, php, sifr