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CAISO Grid Status (via) CAISO is the California Independent System Operator, a non-profit managing 80% of California’s electricity flow. This grid status page shows live data about the state of the grid and it’s fascinating: right now (2pm local time) California is running 71.4% on renewables, having peaked at 80% three hours ago. The current fuel mix is 52% solar, 31% natural gas, 7% each large hydro and nuclear and 2% wind. The charts on this page show how solar turns off overnight and then picks up and peaks during daylight hours.

# 14th September 2023, 9:08 pm / energy, california


Google’s Chiller-less Data Center. Google are operating an outside data center in Belgium with no chillers (refrigeration units used to cool water, but at a high cost in energy) making “local weather forecasting a larger factor in its data center management”. On the 10 or so days of the year when Belgium is too warm, they can simply shut down the data center and shift the workload elsewhere.

# 16th July 2009, 9:50 am / chillers, cooling, datacenters, energy, environment, google