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Every remaining website using the .museum TLD (via) Jonty did a survey of every one of the 1,134 domains using the .museum TLD, which dates back to 2001 and is managed by The Museum Domain Management Association. # 20th November 2022, 12:53 am


What is the best service for web hosting and buying a domain? Is it better to have both under one provider?

No, it’s not better to have both under the same provider. Good web hosts do not necessarily make good DNS hosts and vice versa.

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Are there any disadvantages to using domain hacks for your product website?

If you ever get written up
In the mainstream press you can almost guarantee that they will screw up the URL they publish (by sticking a .com on the end or fixing a deliberate misspelling). Sadly this still seems to be the case after 20 years of the Web!

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Is the .ly domain unsafe? Why?

It’s always been unsafe in my opinion. Why build your company around a domain name that’s controlled by the Libyan government?

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Why do so many Internet sites end with the letter ’r’ (but not ’er’)?  Think about Tumblr, Dopplr, Migratr.  What’s behind this?

We just launched a project called lanyrd, which is a play on lanyard. We partly picked the name because the domain was available, but there’s actually a big advantage to using a made-up word: it’s really easy to search for coverage and feedback on Twitter, Google Blogsearch and the like. The string “lanyrd” is almost exclusively used to discuss our project—had we used a dictionary word, tracking down feedback would have been a lot harder.

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Dangers of remote Javascript. got hit by a JavaScript porn redirect when the domain of one of their advertisers expired and was bought by a porn company. Nat Torkington suggests keeping track of the expiration dates on any third party domains that are serving JavaScript on your site. # 20th January 2008, 9:49 am


UK domain registrar 123-Reg crashes and burns, taking its customers with it. I was hit by this yesterday: can anyone recommend an alternative DNS host with a really easy to use interface (I’ve made mistakes modifying DNS in the past) and rock-solid reliability? # 18th November 2007, 11:24 am

Bust A Name. Smart Ajax powered domain search; you give it some words, it shows you available combinations. It’s still almost impossible to find something that doesn’t suck though. # 20th August 2007, 3:40 pm A free .name domain for 90 days, with built-in tools for managing e-mail forwarding and your OpenID. Could do with some unobtrusive JavaScript, but they’re really fast at responding to suggestions. # 13th February 2007, 4:26 pm