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I’m Now a Full-Time Professional Open Source Maintainer. Filippo Valsorda, previously a member of the Go team at Google, is now independent and making a full-time living as a maintainer of various open source projects relating to Go. He’s managing to pull in an amount “equivalent to my Google total compensation package”, which is a huge achievement: the greatest cost involved in independent open source is usually the opportunity cost of turning down a big tech salary. He’s doing this through a high touch retainer model, where six client companies pay him to keep working on his projects and also provide them with varying amounts of expert consulting. # 3rd February 2023, 1:12 am


Professional Contractors Group. “PCG is the only cross-sector, not-for-profit trade association for freelance consultants and contractors.”—based in the UK. # 2nd August 2007, 11:27 pm