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The Bing Cache thinks GPT-4.5 is coming. I was able to replicate this myself earlier today: searching Bing (or apparently Duck Duck Go) for “openai announces gpt-4.5 turbo” would return a link to a 404 page at with a search result page snippet that announced 256,000 tokens and knowledge cut-off of June 2024

I thought the knowledge cut-off must have been a hallucination, but someone got a screenshot of it showing up in the search engine snippet which would suggest that it was real text that got captured in a cache somehow.

I guess this means we might see GPT 4.5 in June then? I have trouble believing that OpenAI would release a model in June with a June knowledge cut-off, given how much time they usually spend red-teaming their models before release.

Or maybe it was one of those glitches like when a newspaper accidentally publishes a pre-written obituary for someone who hasn’t died yet—OpenAI may have had a draft post describing a model that doesn’t exist yet and it accidentally got exposed to search crawlers.