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A Picture is Worth 170 Tokens: How Does GPT-4o Encode Images? (via) Oran Looney dives into the question of how GPT-4o tokenizes images - an image "costs" just 170 tokens, despite being able to include more text than could be encoded in that many tokens by the standard tokenizer.

There are some really neat tricks in here. I particularly like the experimental validation section where Oran creates 5x5 (and larger) grids of coloured icons and asks GPT-4o to return a JSON matrix of icon descriptions. This works perfectly at 5x5, gets 38/49 for 7x7 and completely fails at 13x13.

I'm not convinced by the idea that GPT-4o runs standard OCR such as Tesseract to enhance its ability to interpret text, but I would love to understand more about how this all works. I imagine a lot can be learned from looking at how openly licensed vision models such as LLaVA work, but I've not tried to understand that myself yet.