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Weeknotes: Citus Con, PyCon and three new niche museums

23rd April 2023

I’ve had a busy week in terms of speaking: on Tuesday I gave an online keynote at Citus Con, “Big Opportunities in Small Data”. I then flew to Salt Lake City for PyCon that evening and gave a three hour workshop on Wednesday, “Data analysis with SQLite and Python”.

Since then I’ve been mostly decompressing and catching up with old friends, and having lots of interesting conversations about Python (and a few extras about LLMs).

After a several month hiatus I’ve also added three new museums to Niche Museums:

To celebrate this flurry of museum visiting activity, I spent some time upgrading the display of the photo galleries on the site. They’re now using PhotoSwipe, which I first experimented with on this blog.

Here’s the issue, the full set of changes and a TIL describing what I learned about photo EXIF data in figuring out this project.

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