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Weeknotes: Datasette Cloud ready to preview

7th June 2022

I made an absolute ton of progress building Datasette Cloud on Fly this week, and also had a bunch of fun playing with GPT-3.

Datasette Cloud

Datasette Cloud is my upcoming hosted SaaS version of Datasette. I’ve been re-building my initial alpha on top of Fly because I want to be able to provide each team account with their own Datasette instance running in a dedicated Firecracker container, and the recently announced Fly Machines lets me do exactly that.

As-of this weekend I have all of the different pieces in place, and I’m starting to preview it to potential customers.

Interested in trying it out? You can request access to the preview here.

GPT-3 explorations

Most of my GPT-3 explorations over the past week are covered by these two blog posts:

  • A Datasette tutorial written by GPT-3 is the point at which I really started taking GPT-3 seriously, after convincing myself that I could use it to help with real work, not just as a form of entertainment.
  • How to play with the GPT-3 language model is a very quick getting started tutorial, because I polled people on Twitter and found that more than half didn’t know you could try GPT-3 out now for free.

Searching my tweets for GPT captures a bunch of other, smaller experiments. A few highlights:

Releases this week

TIL this week