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Tuesday, 17th July 2018

Teaching Tech Together (via) A new free book compiled by Greg Wilson about teaching programming, based on the instructor training program developed for the Software Carpentry course over the past six years. This is fantastic—it’s filling in a whole load of holes in my understanding of effective teaching theory. # 6:18 pm

Interviewing a developer for whom English wasn’t his first language and he kept calling legacy code “legendary code” and now that’s all I want to write.

Mark Norman Francis # 5:43 pm

ES6 In Depth: Template strings. Useful guide to the advanced features of backtick template strings in ES6. # 4:08 pm

Feature comparison between hyperHTML and lit-html. Compiled by hyperHTML author Andrea Giammarchi. lit-html is a similar project maintained by Google’s Polymer team. # 3:58 pm

hyperHTML (via) I’ve been playing around with multiline backtick template literals in JavaScript recently, and Claudio Cicali on Twitter pointed me to hyperHTML. It’s a fascinating project: it implements an alternative to React’s virtual DOM in just 4.6KB of code, taking advantage of the way tagged template literals can call a custom function which gets to affect how the interpolated values from the template are treated. The documentation does a great job of describing the various clever tricks that are used under the hood, in particular the way it takes advantage of the way tagged literals “freeze” the incoming array of literal chunks allowing hyperHTML to compile each template once and reuse the complied version for different interpolations. # 3:39 pm

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