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Friday, 24th August 2012

Is it possible to embed Skype into a webpage to use as live chat support for free?

Olark offer a very neat JavaScript widget that does exactly this (it’s text-based messaging, not video or voice):—you can try their demo at the bottom of their page.

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How can you use SlideShare effectively to grow your professional reputation in a specific niche?

“How to integrate SlideShare activities with other social networks”

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How do I keep service providers and consultants out of my meetup or conference?

If it’s that important to you, make the conference apply-to-attend and get people to submit linkedin / github profiles or whatever to demonstrate that they are a founder/builder. Then only send invitations to the people you are sure aren’t service providers or consultants.

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What are good ways to get meeting with VC’s without introductions?

To get an introduction, you need to impress someone who can make that introduction for you. Knowing someone who knows a VC isn’t enough. Take a look at the section titled “Asking for introductions to people is tricky” on this page to understand why:

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